The Short Story



My name is Christian Schlueter. I have a MSc. in Distributed Systems and am working as Software Development Project Lead in Calgary, AB, Canada.

During my studies of Business Computing (German Diploma (Dipl. Wirt.-Inf. (FH)) and Distributed Systems (MSc.) I focused a lot on Software Development and Software Project Management. I went abroad for exchange semesters to Namibia and to Canada – where I am now happily stuck in Calgary (read: near the mountains).

My job and free-time projects keep me digitally busy. In the analog world I enjoy the outdoors, climbing and exploring new cultures and countries. I speak German and English.

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In a nutshell

Work Interests

The Project Nerd in me enjoys milestone planning, requirements definition and improving the plan based on customer feedback.

The Technical Guy in me likes defining software architecture as well as user workflows with corresponding interfaces.


Remember the 80s show The A-Team? - "I love it when a plan comes together!"

I'm a teamplayer who enjoys Whiteboard Sessions, Pair Programming and Chalk Talks.

Consistency is key for anything from project planning to UI, data management and workflows.

The status quo exists so it can be challenged; flat hierarchies combined with good communication is the best way to move forward.

In-Person collaboration and direct customer feedback / interaction are awesome. So are all things Agile.

It is a fun challenge to quickly adapt to changing priorities while still looking at the big picture.

Colleagues smile at me when I show up with paper prototypes for a new UI, but so far they worked well. For all other jobs, there's usually a better tool available than what was used last time.


I think and work like a Fullstack Developer. Plan, prototype, code, test, deploy, monitor, repeat.

Currently I'm working a lot in AWS, mostly with EC2, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, IAM, DynamoDB, Elasticache, S3, Organizations (implementing cross-account products).

Lots of my development expertise is around Java, Spring and SpringBoot, PHP, Laravel, Apache, Eclipse, SVN, Git, Javascript, JQuery, Angular, CSS, AWS, MySQL, Redis, Windows, and Linux.

I have some skills with MongoDB, Bash, the Zend Framework, Social Media, and Photoshop.

New skills in 2018

This year I am continuing to grow my AWS knowledge, especially around migrating an existing Software Solution to the cloud.

As part of my Project Lead role I've deepened my practical experience in Project Management and working with customers.

Awards and Certifications

In April 2018 I became an AWS Certified Developer - Associate.

Since May 2017 I am a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM1).

I received an award by my university for the best thesis of the year.

A while back I took the Avalanche Safety Course (AST1) and can only recommend it to everyone heading "out there" in winter.

Digital Free Time

I work on some side projects in which I am responsible for project and product management tasks as well as the entire software development cycle.

Next I'm going to look at some new cloud products around data handling and visualization and app building.

And I enjoy learning about cool tech projects and digial art until I have an idea myself.

Offline Free Time

You can find me outdoors: Hiking, scrambling and backpacking in the Canadian Rockies.

Favorites: Lake McArthur, Tent Ridge, Kindersley/Sinclair Col (Hiking); Eiffel Peak, Mount Edith (Scrambling); Mount Assiniboine (Backpacking); Murtle Lake (Backcountry Canoeing).

I also enjoy climbing and so far I'm successful with my life goal of travelling to at least one new country each year (since 2004).

As a first-time home owner I quickly learn to become a handyman.

I'm looking for

  • New challenges in Calgary's IT world
  • Volunteering (social, educational, or start up-related)
  • IT-related meetups and talks in Calgary
  • Learning about your cool tech project.

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